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PEDs in MMA: An in-depth, two-part report on some little-known issues on the perimeter of the PED mess.
Accusations of fight-fixing plagued a fishy decision until reporting showed that the three judges scored the fight for the man who was originally declared the loser.

As Pete Rose returns to field, conversation returns to lifting lifetime ban

Coverage of Pete Rose's uniformed return to a baseball field for the first time in a quarter-century.

One year after the horrific massacre in Newtown, an undefeated football team helps the town and its kids return to normal.

For Many Young Fighters, Retirement Calls Early
Chasing a single moment of glory looks glamorous from the outside, but more and more fighters are quitting early instead of risking their longterm health. 

The Art of the Knockout
Some of the world's top finishers discuss what goes into landing fighting's most elusive shot, the finishing blow.
The Anatomy of The Zuffa-Strikeforce Deal
 This story broke down the merger between the two biggest MMA promotions: Strikeforce and the UFC.

All-Access: Fight Day With Bellator Boss Bjorn Rebney
A behind-the-scenes look at fight day with the man behind one of MMA's largest promotions.
After Heartbreaking Tragedy, MMA Community Rallies Around 'Dr. Alex'
A story about an unimaginable night in which a beloved doctor lost his family, saved a life, and inspired a community.